Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The last 2 weeks.....

Wow I'm officailly an incredibly slack blogger! I've been meaning to blog since Easter! Pathetic I know. Life has just been super super busy! Toby has had the school holidays off with me so on good Friday I came home from visiting our wedding venue (more on that later) to find that he had been peeking under the carpet in our hallway and it looked pretty bad how he had placed the carpet back down so I suggested that maybe we rip it up...... which started a whole week and a half worth of work ripping up carpet, moving everything into our shed, cleaning, sanding and varnishing floor boards, we are officially moved back in now, thanks to my mum for putting us up fpor a few days. We have completed everything but still need to varnish our back hallway and laundry which is ready to go we just need to leave the house for a bit for it to dry. We were unsure whether to do it before we get our house re piered in a few months but we just got sick of doing nothing! It was a massive massive job but im so so so pleased with the results.

While we were out of the house for a few dayes we got to spend some quality time with these to beautiful babes! they were such good girls for us. We had one beautiful day and one rainy day!

I hope you all had a wonderful Eatser surrounded by loved ones!
and I'll leave you with an Easter pic of toby and the Eatser bunny (aka Willow Bebe)

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  1. the floors lookt so, so good! Can't wait to see them in person.


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