Sunday, May 27, 2012


I thought I would share some beautiful necklaces I've purchased over the last few weeks. The first was for myself which i purchsed for Lovedale which you can see on me in theis post. It was made by the lovely Hollie Martin who I started following on instagram a few months back (she's a friend of a friend from school). Hollie posted a pic of her necklaces on instagram and we wen't from there. She is also quite a talented artist as well here is a pic of her necklaces

and the one I purchased

These photo's are from Hollie's Blog

And the other necklace I purchased was for my friend's birthday (Mel). I've been admiring Emily Green's necklaces for ages and after buying one it has confirmed that I need one!

Image from Emily Green's shop

You can buy them on bigcartel or etsy follow the links

Both are Aussie based artist's which makes them even cooler.

Over the hedge

At the start of the month Toby and I planted 80 Murraya hedge plants along our front fence line. We've been undecided about what to do with the front fence since we moved in (2 and a half years ago) as its an ugly old metal fence that isn't at all attractive so we had the option of knocking it down and putting up a picket fence or growing a hedge.

For a long time Toby wanted to have both, but I've been leaning towards a hedge. We have also been unsure as to what type of hedge. After visiting our wedding destination who have a Murraya growing around the verandah it won Toby's heart (it's the one I wanted from the start, it's amazing how boys have to see things first before trusting your decision making). So off to the local Markets we went to buy 80 plants. We got a good deal since we were buying so many and because they are only seedlings. Here's a picture Toby posted on instagram.

Murraya's are an evergreen shrub that get a pretty white little flower in spring and late summer that smell just like orange blossom. I can't wait for them to take over the fence and provide the front yard with a little privacy.

Grow babies Grow

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wedding Wednesday- Bridesmaids

After finally deciding on a venue I thought it was definitely time to ask my bridesmaids. I wanted to wait so that I could give them an idea of when and where the wedding would take place and what sort of wedding it would be. I've known since we got engaged (and really before that) who I would like to have but just wanted it to be right when I asked them. I think this put a little pressure on me as I was trying to think of a creative way to ask them and I had come across the most beautiful way over at Rinse repeat where Bethany made little boxes for her bridesmaids filling them with lovely things (go and look). I decided not to copy (i did look for boxes though haha) ad created these myself.

Photo taken by Jessica

I purchased some vintage style handkerchiefs from ebay at christmas time and I was tossing up with printing on them or what I ended up doing was wrapping a printed note around them that said "will you be my bridesmaid". Since I had to post 3 I didn't want them to just be pulled out of an ugly envelope so I decided to wrap them in pink Tissue and print a verse on some paper that was an intro to the Hanky, which said "I need something old, new, borrowed, blue and you". I would have loved to have them over for a morning tea and ask them all but as three live away it wasn't going to work. So I posted three and asked the other four individually. Yep thats right seven! :)

They all said yes and here's a little bit about each

Kadi, Matron of honour: my older sister, someone I've always looked up to, shared so much with and has given with me the most wonderful gift, beautiful nieces. 
Hayley: My oldest best friend, an adopted sister. We've had so many adventures together, between a car washing business, creating future houses, sharing tears and many a dessert.
Jessica: a ten year friendship that has blossomed into a strong sisterly bond. A fashionista, so generous and a lovely person. Oh and Toby's sister and Willow Bebe's mum.
Stacey: one of my best friends who I luckily get to see the most! We've shared lots of trips and events over the years, too many drinks, not enough sleep but a whole lot of fun!
Peta: so many special memories. The keeper of all my secrets, a beautiful soul that I couldn't live without. She always knows what to say and make me feel better.
Rebecca: first a colleague, now a wonderful friend. Someone I've always admired, works hard, knows how to have an awesome time and has the greatest taste in music!
Ellise: my baby sister, an honest soul in her prime. Brave, kind and gorgeous!

I'm so lucky to have such amazing women in my life and I'm so excited to share our special day with each of them! Now it's toby's turn to ask his boys! I don't think he will be giving hankies, i'd say it'll be over a beer haha

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jessica's 30th

Yesterday was a great Day! We went to Lovedale Long lunch to celebrate my SIL Jessica's 30th birthday. I've been going to Lovedale for quite a few years and as always it was a superb day. Lovedale is an area in the hunter valley vineyards which puts on a long (progressive) lunch between 7 wineries. Yesterday we went to 3 Saltire, Sandalyn and my favourite Tatler's. Not only is there great food and wine they have amazing entertainment. Its always the 3rd weekend in May.

And the best part of the day was the company! 

 Dancing with this little poppet was fun too!

head to LLL site for details about the weekend

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our new couch

What do you think?

Wedding Wednesday

Last week i purchased the Harper's Bazaar Brides special. It's got some really beautiful things in it including the wedding of Justine (editor of Shop till you drop) and Greg! the wedding was like a mini festival with a Moroccan themed chill out area, a psychic doing love reading, mac and cheese and Creole Chicken. I especially love the sign from the entrance of the wedding and the copious amounts of bunting that the bride and grooms parents made.

The couple opted for a bridal party of 8 flower girls and 2 page boys, i think the little girls look gorgeous in their tulle skirts, and the cake was made by the super talented Hello Naomi who made the cookies for Jessica's baby shower.

Isn't it lovely! Worth buying the magazine for sure!

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