Sunday, May 27, 2012


I thought I would share some beautiful necklaces I've purchased over the last few weeks. The first was for myself which i purchsed for Lovedale which you can see on me in theis post. It was made by the lovely Hollie Martin who I started following on instagram a few months back (she's a friend of a friend from school). Hollie posted a pic of her necklaces on instagram and we wen't from there. She is also quite a talented artist as well here is a pic of her necklaces

and the one I purchased

These photo's are from Hollie's Blog

And the other necklace I purchased was for my friend's birthday (Mel). I've been admiring Emily Green's necklaces for ages and after buying one it has confirmed that I need one!

Image from Emily Green's shop

You can buy them on bigcartel or etsy follow the links

Both are Aussie based artist's which makes them even cooler.


  1. I LOVE it Amy, you are a beautiful friend and I will treasure my new necklace. xxxx

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