Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Life lately according to instagram

Wow I've been neglectful of late on here! being crazy busy doesn't help blogging whatsoever. this is what i have been up to of late according to my instagram stream

a sophie from the block inspired string art piece, the DIY instructions are in the block magazine

I spent a friday night baking, baking, baking, for my beautiful friend Peta's farewell... the lucky duck is headed around the world.... currently in south america

This was the dessert bar at the party, isn't it dreamy...

I've spent a few hours playing with these little monkeys, they actually just left my house

I actually went for a run last week (shock I know) and came across this girl on the way... it was a good excuse to stop and say hello

My little sister turned 20 on saturday and since she lives away, i celebrated by eating a red velvet cupcke for her

I finally made a beautiful mess's fox plush DIY toy and taught a whole class how to make it too, I've wanted to make it forever!!! Instructions here

Last weekend mum and i went on a road trip to canberra to this beautiful little girl's baptism! isn't she gorgeous. I picked up my wedding dress in Sydney on the way :)

Wedding Wednesday

One of my gorgeous Best friends Stacey (and bridesmaids) got engaged nearly 2 months ago to her BF of many many years Jesse! It was a lovely surprise (for me) she had known for a few weeks before. I am so so happy for them both and they have decided to have a short engagement and are getting married in March.

2 weeks ago before heading to a hen show Stacey handed me an envelope and this is what was inside....

She had made a beautiful card with "will you be my bridesmaid" inside... of course i instantly said yes! I was and am so excited!!!

Thats me of course and the beautiful bride to be! Im so excited to be a part of stacey and Jesse's big day, and it got me even more excited about mine too! Any cool suggestions for good hen shows?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Way back when I was newly engaged (Just), Megan from McKean Studio posted some lovely pics for inspiration for her wedding bouquet. At the time I thought they were amazing since I really love billy button flowers. I didn't think too much more about it until i started to think about what sort of wedding we were going to have. Since we set the date I decided to go down to the Sydney flower markets to see what was in season in June. My MIL and SIL to be, plus little Willow went on a Tuesday at the crack of dawn (we left home at 4am). Little did we know that Tuesday was a quiet day at the markets, but they still had a great Variety.

I purchased around $100 worth and got so many flowers to play with (some are still alive and I bought them 3 weeks ago) I had a go at making around 4 Bouquets. They weren't too difficult although I didn't wire them like alot of DIY's say to do. I basically followed Elsie's tutorial on A beautiful mess as she made her own Bouquets and got her bridesmaids to make theirs too the night before the wedding. i think this is a great idea and hope my bridesmaids want to do it too.

 I even had a go at making a flower crown off a tutorial on youtube. I just used florist wire and tape to make this one, maybe for the flower girls.......
(I have no makeup on)

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