Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Way back when I was newly engaged (Just), Megan from McKean Studio posted some lovely pics for inspiration for her wedding bouquet. At the time I thought they were amazing since I really love billy button flowers. I didn't think too much more about it until i started to think about what sort of wedding we were going to have. Since we set the date I decided to go down to the Sydney flower markets to see what was in season in June. My MIL and SIL to be, plus little Willow went on a Tuesday at the crack of dawn (we left home at 4am). Little did we know that Tuesday was a quiet day at the markets, but they still had a great Variety.

I purchased around $100 worth and got so many flowers to play with (some are still alive and I bought them 3 weeks ago) I had a go at making around 4 Bouquets. They weren't too difficult although I didn't wire them like alot of DIY's say to do. I basically followed Elsie's tutorial on A beautiful mess as she made her own Bouquets and got her bridesmaids to make theirs too the night before the wedding. i think this is a great idea and hope my bridesmaids want to do it too.

 I even had a go at making a flower crown off a tutorial on youtube. I just used florist wire and tape to make this one, maybe for the flower girls.......
(I have no makeup on)


  1. Ooh, the crown is so cute!! I was surprised at how easy bouquets were to make, I just used twine and washi-tape the night before. So much less hassle!

    1. Thanks for that tip Megan, washi tape is the best idea! i didn't think of that!


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