Monday, January 30, 2012

Back to Reality

So after a fantastic weekend in Sydney today reality struck, I wen't back to work! I actually wen't back on Friday but there wasn't any teaching done so it wasn't too bad, but honestly it wasn't bad today either! hopefully the rest of the week goes just as smoothly (keep your fingers crossed for me) 

I came home this afternoon to this:

Toby had left me Grouplove's CD "never trust a happy song" How sweet is my Fiance'. Its my biggest regret of last year (and only) not making the effort to see them at Splendour. Here's my Favourite song off the album. Hope it starts your week off nicely.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

My friends Kelly commented on last week's wedding Wednesday saying "
"Ben Adams pics are A-MAZING!! Love the pics on his site of kodi's & natalia's wedding - just the two of the them. looked very romantic and Natalia's hair is to die for!"
so this week for wedding wednesday I've decided to leave you a link to head over to Ben's blog and look at his amazing work.  and one picture of Kodi and Natalia's wedding you will have to go to Ben's blog for the rest. (I've been obsessing over this wedding I honestly thought I'd shared it already cos its such a beautiful, Ben will explain it better than me) 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Matt Blatt

Yesterday my friend Mel and I went to furniture shop heaven, Matt Blatt. Mel had purchased some replica Xavier Pauchard Tolix stools and a chair and had to pic them up and of course I had to tag along as I'm always admiring the Matt Blatt advertisements in Real Living magazine. Here's a picture of when you first walk in the door

The showroom still has a sort of warehouse feel to it, but is set out so you can wander around and take a seat. The furniture is so amazing! Matt Blatt imports the replicas "From the factories directly to you so there are no middle men involved. Hence the low prices and exceptional quality" (straight from there website). Mel likes this couch below, i do to it reminds me of Madmen.

I fell inlove with tis below however Toby thinks it too "70's" 


Here's Mel taking a chair for a spin

How did you spend your Monday?

We also went to the new Ikea at Tempe..... talk about ginormous!!!! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cooking with Jamie (again)

Back here I made roasted chicken with butternut squash which was delicious, so i decided to make another alternative this time roasted chicken wrapped in pancetta with leeks and thyme. Im not sure which one i liked best but this was suer tasty as well. 

Ingredients per chicken breast:
a large leek
a small knob of butter
fresh thyme
olive oil
a pinch of salt
a small swig of white wine
6 to 7 slices of pancetta (i used 3)

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees
trim and wash leek slice into 0.5cm slices, add these to a bowl with a few sprigs of fresh thyme, a good glug of olive oil the small knob of butter, pinch of sea salt, and freshly ground black pepper and a small swig of white wine and toss together. Place your leek and flavouring on a tray lined with foil. 
Wrap the chicken with pancetta place in the middle of mixture.
 Try to bend the sides of the foil over to cover the leek to prevent the leek from burning. 
drizzle with olive oil and place a couple of sprigs of thyme on top. 
Cook in the middle of your oven for 25-35 minutes 
(my new fan forced oven took around 30 minutes sorry to anyone I led a bumsteer with time on the last chicken recipe my oven was really Crap!)


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

I thought i'd kick off wedding wednesday this year with a local wedding. I have been reading the couples blog for a few months so have been watching plans happen. The couple got married in decemeber and have spent the last week sharing details of their wedding on their blog McKean studio

For one they used my dream photographer Ben Adams! (fingers crossed he'll be our wedding photographer when we decide when we will be getting married, he also has a great blog) and secondly i just really loved all their personal touches for the day. They decorated the hall where they held there reception magnificently (if i do say so myself) 
I'm putting this next image in for my friend peta who has one of these artworks Berkley Illustrations that the couple used as table settings instead of numbers

Both images are from the couples blog, and are taken by ben Adams head over to their blog to see other sorts of amazingness from the boys ties to Megans headpiece. It looked like an incredibly special day!

Life lately according to instagram

I'm getting a little bit sad I have to go back to school next week (on Friday but it's still next week) I've really enjoyed my Holidays this year although I haven't done a great deal. Somehow they've disappeared fast. I have been participating in FatMumSlims january photo challenge on instagram which has been fun (not all of these are from it) but you'll get the drift of what I've been up to.  


As you can see I've been Sleeping in, Spending some quality time with the puppies, i attempted running once (lots of walking though), a few arty trips, hanging with the nieces, a minibreak in Canberra (where I had a cocktail in a noodle box and had my first white wine sangria Im inlove and visited the tastiest place on earth Koko black, and most importantly got to meet baby Elsie and spend time with my favourite GF's), received some lovely mail and I've been doing lots of schoolwork in preparation for the year ahead.

Monday, January 16, 2012

DIY flower garland

Here's a little DIY for you.

My Friend Kelly and I decided to have a craft day 2 weeks ago to make ourselves a flower garland. You might remember how I wanted to buy one after seeing it in Bri Emery's Loft . Kelly suggested we give it a go to make them ourselves after she found this DIY on Oncewed.

Fabric (I chose 6 different colours)
Fabric Scissors
Something to trace (we used the middle size babushka doll measuring cup)
a pencil 
and a needle

Step 1:To start trace fabric you will need 6 circles for each flower. we chose to make 12 flowers so a total of 72 circles (that's a lot of cutting!)
Step 2: Once they are cut fold a circle in half

Step 3: fold in half again, so it is quartered 
Step 4: Then take your circle and stitch through the bottom. Continue this step, adding 5 circles on top of the first. (6 in total)
Step 5: Once you have sewn all 6 circles, tie off the thread with a double knot.
Step 6: Next, cut 4 metres of thread and add on the flowers one by one

Last but not least find somewhere to hang it.
Kelly's look great above her be head over to her blog to see some pic's of her's too, it's always more fun to do a DIY with company :) 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Art Jornal E Course

As mentioned back here I set myself a challenge to art journal (nearly) every day for my 25th year and i was going pretty well until Novemeber. I have been quite unmotivated with it and have been struggling to come up with stuff to journal about. So this e course couldn't come at a more perfect time for me. So I can fill in the rest of my journal with the prompts from Elsie and Rachel. I really enjoyed the e course i undertook 2 years ago so I highly recommend this one! They have 52 journal challenges so that you can either do it quickly over 2 months or take your time and do one prompt a week. Who's going to take the course with me? I think it'll be more fun if we do it together. (kelly I think you'd really enjoy it! you too bec with your dear baby Elsie's first year, the more the merrier) and it's only $30. 

(Image from a beautiful mess)

Who's in?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Post 100

WOW my first post for the year and it's post number 100! I can't believe it!

I've put writing this post off for a few days as I've felt like it should be really special post...which has left me with ... Bloggers block hahaha.

So I thought for this post I would just share some goals for 2012... Get organised for school early so im stress free, Art journal at least once a week, save save save (for house reno's, our wedding and a european adventure), renovate the front half of the house, prioritise what we do spend money on and maybe spend more time at home, make an effort to see family and make time for friends, host dinner parties, look after my skin, and of course the old get fit, eat healthy blah blah blah. What are your goals?
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