Monday, January 16, 2012

DIY flower garland

Here's a little DIY for you.

My Friend Kelly and I decided to have a craft day 2 weeks ago to make ourselves a flower garland. You might remember how I wanted to buy one after seeing it in Bri Emery's Loft . Kelly suggested we give it a go to make them ourselves after she found this DIY on Oncewed.

Fabric (I chose 6 different colours)
Fabric Scissors
Something to trace (we used the middle size babushka doll measuring cup)
a pencil 
and a needle

Step 1:To start trace fabric you will need 6 circles for each flower. we chose to make 12 flowers so a total of 72 circles (that's a lot of cutting!)
Step 2: Once they are cut fold a circle in half

Step 3: fold in half again, so it is quartered 
Step 4: Then take your circle and stitch through the bottom. Continue this step, adding 5 circles on top of the first. (6 in total)
Step 5: Once you have sewn all 6 circles, tie off the thread with a double knot.
Step 6: Next, cut 4 metres of thread and add on the flowers one by one

Last but not least find somewhere to hang it.
Kelly's look great above her be head over to her blog to see some pic's of her's too, it's always more fun to do a DIY with company :) 

1 comment:

  1. Was a great day! I'm still pretty proud of the finished product


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