Thursday, March 29, 2012

Polaroid Booth!

Happy Thursday Everyone! One week left of school before easter break Yay! Believe me I am so ready for it! 
Today I wanted to share with you the Polaroid booth i set up for our engagement party. I had some left over bows for the bow garland I made so I hot glue gunned these to skewers. I painted some foam card with moustaches and glasses and cut these out and also glued these to skewers. I put out my polaroid, a pile of film, and a chalkboard I still had from jessica's baby shower. I think my sister started it off and then alot of people had a turn. It was fun. heres some pics

it was lots of fun I recommend it for any event 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bows and Bowls

Over the weekend Toby and I celebrated our engagement party with lots of VIP in our lives. (hence why I have been MIA over the last week)We were blessed with a Glorious day! Perfect for barefoot bowls, champagne (or beer) and good company. The theme was Bows (bows, bow ties or ties) and I think everyone participated! 

Toby and I (I am one lucky girl he worked so hard in the lead up to the day)

Our Dessert table, for afternoon tea before the BBQ was put on by some wonderful people, my sister kadi, My gorgeous friend Mel and her hubby, Mum, Kadi's MIL, the ultra talented Casey, Nan and Toby and I.

In action, I admit I sucked at Bowling! But it was still lots of fun!

and our AMAZING cake made by my beautiful friend casey! She is sooooooo talented and it was delicious! It got and ohhhhhh from the audience! (I do't think she will be taking orders hehe)

I'll post more about it through the week, but want to do a shout out to all our friends and family for making it such a special event! We honestly had the best time! to be surrounded by so many loved ones is truly a blessing. We also want to say thanks for the amazingly generous gifts we received we were blown away!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Hi all, I feel like i've blogged about this wedding before (maybe because when i found it i kept looking at the amazing photo's taken by Samm Blake, i believe I've included there dessert table in a previous post) I've been mesmerised by this wedding. Annabel's dress is phenomenal! What a wonderful wedding

Isn't that dress just divine!

after the ceremony they had an afternoon tea of sorts before the reception

What a pretty wedding!

Dont' you agree?

All photos from Samm Blake 

Peta's Presents

One of my best friend's Peta and I share February for our birhtdays. Peta is two days older then me but moved to Canberra 5 years ago! We caught up last night and I was able to give her her birthday present.

This is what I brought her

This 70's mexican embroidered peasant dress from Pom Pom Vintage (which i secretly fell inlove with and wanted to buy a similar green one for myself but its sold :( I brought Millie a kiddy Blue one for her birthday)

and this Best Friends Forever Little Red and Winter Bunny Vintage Illustrated Plate from the story book rabbit a sydney based artist.

She liked her present :) I love giving present! I should say she gave me a pretty rad present too!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

I love meet me at mike's blog!! Pip is one talented lady. When she spoke about her daughter Rin getting married i got super excited as I knew it would be ultra crafty and cool! which is an understatement! Rin and Joe's wedding looks so amazing and unique, I love every bit of it. Go to Meet me at mikes to see loads of Pics and I think Rin has posted a few on her blog too. Here is a few of my favourites all taken by the super talented Eric Ronald

Pip put a call out to her blog readers to send in pom poms and this is what she came up with! how rad!

Rin and Joe just playing in the front yard!

Vintage plates (I'm already starting to collect these for mine!)

and this would have to be the coolest cake table i have ever seen at a wedding! A whole heap of cakes made by friends, all out of the woman's weekly kid's birthday cake cookbook! Love it! 

Head over to their blogs (links up above) for more pic's its a really cool wedding! Love, love, love the uniqueness 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Making Bow's

 For Toby and my engagement party, we decided to make it bow theme. So Bow's bow ties, or just ties (if you're boring hehe) We're having it at a bowling club so that we can play barefoot bowls. I have been thinking about decor and remembered Rachel from Smile and wave made a beautiful Bow garland for her daughter Ruby's last birthday. So a couple of weeks ago i looked up her tutorial and started sewing.  

here's what Rachel's looked like

Here's how mine looked without the middle complete

                            and the nearly finished product, just have to sew them together

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Eating Like a caveman

It's 3 weeks till our engagement party! Although I have found a dress that fits i'm a tad (ok more than a tad) out of shape at the moment. Since christmas i've let's just say let myself go! I've been eating way too much cake (birthday didn't help) and not exercising enough. Over the last few weeks Jessica and I have started going to the gym together which is fantastic as we motivate each other to go and know we'll let each other down if we don't go. So this week Toby and I have decided to get our eating habits in order. We decided to have a cake free march (with the exception of our engagement party) and start a Paleo diet, which basically means eating like cavemen. So its a high protein, minimal carbs diet, eating only foods our hunter and gatherer ancestors did. I did it for a few weeks before Christmas and easily lost 4kg so I want to do it again to loose the extra christmas kilo's I have put on. I just wanted to post it on here so that I feel more committed to do it! So my friends if you see me reaching out for a piece of cake i give you permission to slap my hand and say NO!

so less of this 

and more of this

Apple Papple

For My birthday last week i was fortunate enough to receive a whole heap of goodies! I am one lucky girl! One present I really love is the Apple Papple print from Fine little day, I received from my SIL jessica. It's currently leaning against a wall in my lounge room waiting to be hung. (when i decide where to hang it) here is a few pic's of it in some of my favourite bloggers homes. 

Here it is in little birdies room over at Bleubird vintage

here it is at Bodie and Fou

and here its in Elvis' room at Maggie and Sparrow (I'm inlove with this velvet chair as well)

I think it's going to look lovely on my walls :)

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