Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bows and Bowls

Over the weekend Toby and I celebrated our engagement party with lots of VIP in our lives. (hence why I have been MIA over the last week)We were blessed with a Glorious day! Perfect for barefoot bowls, champagne (or beer) and good company. The theme was Bows (bows, bow ties or ties) and I think everyone participated! 

Toby and I (I am one lucky girl he worked so hard in the lead up to the day)

Our Dessert table, for afternoon tea before the BBQ was put on by some wonderful people, my sister kadi, My gorgeous friend Mel and her hubby, Mum, Kadi's MIL, the ultra talented Casey, Nan and Toby and I.

In action, I admit I sucked at Bowling! But it was still lots of fun!

and our AMAZING cake made by my beautiful friend casey! She is sooooooo talented and it was delicious! It got and ohhhhhh from the audience! (I do't think she will be taking orders hehe)

I'll post more about it through the week, but want to do a shout out to all our friends and family for making it such a special event! We honestly had the best time! to be surrounded by so many loved ones is truly a blessing. We also want to say thanks for the amazingly generous gifts we received we were blown away!


  1. Love your Alannah Hill dress. The pink is perfect on you! x

  2. It was the most perfect day for a perfect couple. Loved every minute. xx

  3. It was a great day. Congratulations to you both again x

  4. Your dress looked gorgeous. So glad you both had a great day xx


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