Friday, May 27, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

I'm sure at some stage you have all seen this print, or a version of it. For my sister in law's birthday last week I gave her the print in Lavender as seen below from the Etsy Store sfgirlbybay.

It pretty much sums up my week, sometimes being a casual teacher (and just a teacher in general) can be so challenging, I had a few tough classes mid week and could have used this print hanging up in my classroom. I'm sure alot of teachers could relate/use it!

Sfgirlbybay (aka Victoria) also has a lovely blog, as well as her "Keep Calm and Carry On" prints she stocks some great photo's of San Francisco in her store.

So tonight I'm carrying on by having a nice glass of Dolce at home with my paramour
Have a great weekend

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

30th Post

Wow 30 posts since my 25th birthday I think that's pretty good! I'm surrounded by 30 at the moment! It just happens to be my Brother in law's (well one day to be) 30th birthday today! Happy Birthday Dean! (He is one of my 5 followers hehe) I've also been busy working on my good friend Casey's 30th birthday invitations (I'll share soon). 30 always seemed so old but now that It's only 5 year's away I really don't think it's that old and everyone I know who are 30 are all young :) Last year one of the bloggers I follow Dandee turned thirty. On the lead up to her 30th birthday she decided to do something different. She set daily goals to undertake 1 act of kindness every day leading up to her Birthday. She wrote on her blog then:

"It sounds simple. And it is, really. But some days as I lay my head down I often think of the promptings I've let slip away. The smile I should have shared. The phone call I should have made. 30 nice things add up. They multiply."

I think it's the most beautiful Idea she did things like:

  • Hold the door open for a stranger
  • make someone laugh
  • write a letter to a friend and mail it
  • say "I Love you"
  • Listen, really listen
  • share a smile and a warm hello
  • call someone you've been thinking about
  • bake a treat and deliver it to an elderly neighbour
  • tell a loved one you are thankful for them
  • be patient
  • be sincere when you ask "how are you?"
  • be on time
  • make a yummy breakfast for your loved one
  • reach out to an old friend
  • surprise someone with a home cooked meal
There are 15 more you should definitely check out her blog it's very inspiring and she's a fabulous party planner and crafter as well! I'm going to try and incorporate these things into my daily life, being kind never hurt anyone.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Book Club Review

I haven't had the internet for 4 days it's been difficult! haha it's amazing how much we rely on it, so I'm going to use it as my excuse for lack of blogging!
On the weekend my bookclub met up for breakfast to dicuss our latest read
 "1st to Die" By James Patterson

It wasn't our usual sort of read being crime but it was nice to read something different.
It's the first book of Patterson's women's murder club series. It's the beginning of a group of 4 ladies that meet regularly to solve murders, one is a homicide inspector, another a reporter, a forensic scientist and a judge. I'm not going to rave on about it but it has some good twists and a few sad bits!

we rated it

Our next book is "Cloudstreet" by Tim Winton.
Hopefully at our next meeting we'll have a new baby in the group :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


On Friday Toby and I went to the Creative Conference Semi Permanent.
It was great! I've attended the last 4 years and I've been dragging Toby along for quite a while (i think he really enjoys it though) It's a travelling conference and travels around Australia and overseas during different months of the year. It also goes for two days but due to Lovedale commitments this year we only went the one. During the day there are three sessions in which two presenters speak this year the speakers included Moffitt Moffitt (Creative directors), The Illustrator Kelly Thompson, Corey Arnold (a photographer), Annie Sperling (Production designer), Supervixen (Motion graphics/design) and Reg Mombassa an Australian Iconic artist (it was so amazing to see him). So it's all types of creative’s in one room, its fabulous!
I brought a ouple of books, The Semi Permanent 2011 Book (you get it free if you go for 2 days), The Curvy Book and Corey Arnolds Fish Work book which he also signed :)

Below is the cover of Corey Arnold's Book

Corey is a deep sea fisherman/ photographer. The boat he sailed on last season was actually filmed for the Discovery Television show "the Deadliest Catch". All the speakers this year were super interesting but they saved the best till last.

Reg Mombassa is an Arstist I use to teach kids at school so it was great to actually hear him talk about his works. I was unsure as what to expect as he is my dad's age but he was so quick witted and funny! He explained his works using humour I honestly don't know where he gets all his crazy ideas from. One things that stuck in mind was when he explained that he drew his own borders on the page he said that it as "disgusting" painting to the edges of a page (not sure if i'll be painting to the edges anymore) also he called artists pathetic as we copy each other. He was great to watch I'm so glad we got to see him.

I'm hoping this year to go to another Semi Permanent maybe the Melbourne event in September, it's definitely worth travelling to.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


One of my favourite days of the year happended yesterday! I love Christmas, Easter, My birthday, Valentines day and especially Lovedale Long Lunch! It happens in Lovedale in the Hunter Valley Vineyards during the second weekend in May. Over the 2 days 7 wineries in Lovedale open to the masses, they put on live music and great food. This year I went on my friend Mel's bus for her birthday.

 We went to Sandalyn, Tatler's (my favourite) and Emma's cottage. Mel had a theme of headwear for the day so I got to wear my Giantdwarf starlette headband.

The food was great, the wine was better and the company was amazing!

What did you do this weekend?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

That's my Mum Kim! She's all sorts of special!
She's the sort of Mum that would do anything for her kids, doesn't judge, offer's advice, look's after us, like's to laugh and always offers her taxi service!
Thanks for being a gorgeous lady and the best role model of all.

My cousin got a tattoo recently it says:
"she who gave me life, gives me strength"
I love it.
Love you Mum and Happy mothers day to all the Mum's out there xoxoxox

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Fabulous Thankyou

Last year I was introduced to the ceramic artist Samantha Robinson on the decor8 blog and was happy to find out that she was Australian and had a shop in Sydney. On a Christmas shopping trip at Double Bay I was fortunate enough to discover her little shop. I was especially fascinated with her bowls especially the ones that remind me of watermelons. Jessica (Toby's sister) who I was shopping with at the time secretly purchased me this for Christmas.

Isn't it sweet! I love it! Samantha's products are cute and precious with a handmade feel which I think makes them so much more special. She creates all her pieces in her studio in Alexandria.
As a Thankyou for organising Jessica's Baby Shower she went on a special trip to Samantha's store and purchased these for me.

Aren't they simply gorgeous, they are made from porcelain thats so thin it's nearly sheer, stretched out and overlapped like a piece of paper. My favourite store that I visited in America Anthropologie also stocks them I don't think the Australian store will post them but it's definitely worth a visit next time you're in Sydney.

Thankyou for the Awesome Thankyou Jessica I love it!

P.S Toby no Nerf guns arounds the porcelain

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