Tuesday, May 17, 2011


On Friday Toby and I went to the Creative Conference Semi Permanent.
It was great! I've attended the last 4 years and I've been dragging Toby along for quite a while (i think he really enjoys it though) It's a travelling conference and travels around Australia and overseas during different months of the year. It also goes for two days but due to Lovedale commitments this year we only went the one. During the day there are three sessions in which two presenters speak this year the speakers included Moffitt Moffitt (Creative directors), The Illustrator Kelly Thompson, Corey Arnold (a photographer), Annie Sperling (Production designer), Supervixen (Motion graphics/design) and Reg Mombassa an Australian Iconic artist (it was so amazing to see him). So it's all types of creative’s in one room, its fabulous!
I brought a ouple of books, The Semi Permanent 2011 Book (you get it free if you go for 2 days), The Curvy Book and Corey Arnolds Fish Work book which he also signed :)

Below is the cover of Corey Arnold's Book

Corey is a deep sea fisherman/ photographer. The boat he sailed on last season was actually filmed for the Discovery Television show "the Deadliest Catch". All the speakers this year were super interesting but they saved the best till last.

Reg Mombassa is an Arstist I use to teach kids at school so it was great to actually hear him talk about his works. I was unsure as what to expect as he is my dad's age but he was so quick witted and funny! He explained his works using humour I honestly don't know where he gets all his crazy ideas from. One things that stuck in mind was when he explained that he drew his own borders on the page he said that it as "disgusting" painting to the edges of a page (not sure if i'll be painting to the edges anymore) also he called artists pathetic as we copy each other. He was great to watch I'm so glad we got to see him.

I'm hoping this year to go to another Semi Permanent maybe the Melbourne event in September, it's definitely worth travelling to.

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