Wednesday, May 25, 2011

30th Post

Wow 30 posts since my 25th birthday I think that's pretty good! I'm surrounded by 30 at the moment! It just happens to be my Brother in law's (well one day to be) 30th birthday today! Happy Birthday Dean! (He is one of my 5 followers hehe) I've also been busy working on my good friend Casey's 30th birthday invitations (I'll share soon). 30 always seemed so old but now that It's only 5 year's away I really don't think it's that old and everyone I know who are 30 are all young :) Last year one of the bloggers I follow Dandee turned thirty. On the lead up to her 30th birthday she decided to do something different. She set daily goals to undertake 1 act of kindness every day leading up to her Birthday. She wrote on her blog then:

"It sounds simple. And it is, really. But some days as I lay my head down I often think of the promptings I've let slip away. The smile I should have shared. The phone call I should have made. 30 nice things add up. They multiply."

I think it's the most beautiful Idea she did things like:

  • Hold the door open for a stranger
  • make someone laugh
  • write a letter to a friend and mail it
  • say "I Love you"
  • Listen, really listen
  • share a smile and a warm hello
  • call someone you've been thinking about
  • bake a treat and deliver it to an elderly neighbour
  • tell a loved one you are thankful for them
  • be patient
  • be sincere when you ask "how are you?"
  • be on time
  • make a yummy breakfast for your loved one
  • reach out to an old friend
  • surprise someone with a home cooked meal
There are 15 more you should definitely check out her blog it's very inspiring and she's a fabulous party planner and crafter as well! I'm going to try and incorporate these things into my daily life, being kind never hurt anyone.

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