Saturday, February 25, 2012

One year Old

I missed the blogs birthday (because I was too busy enjoying my own birthday) I can't believe it's been a year! It has flown. I have been quite slack these last couple of months as i've been busy with work but I have a goal to get on here more regularly. I celebrated my birthday with family after work (on my actual birthday) Toby took me to a lovely restaurant, Muse last night in the hunter valley and today I had lunch with friends at Merewether's surf house which was also nice. I've been spoilt.

On thursday (My birthday) i came home to find a lovely surprise. Toby had baked me a chocolate cheesecake from scratch. I couldn't believe it. He's never baked for me! This is what I found in the fridge.

On my birthday night my nieces got to know each other a little better Millie amd Blair (my sisters girls) were completely smitten with Willow (toby's sister's baby girl) 
Here's Blair and Willow about to smooch.

and here's on of me and Millie! I love how her eyes go when she's really really happy!

Thanks to everyone for making my birthday great! 26 is turning out to be a good year so far

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

On the weekend Toby and I attended our lovely friends Nat and Rod's wedding. It was a beautiful summers day (not too hot and not raining which we were really fortunate of as it's been raining here so much of late)

It was at the Monte Pio and the ceremony was held in their courtyard

I loved the back of Nat's gown

Here's one of Toby and I, I brought my dress off Asos (it's now on sale haha)

The lovely newlyweds

The bride and I dancing up a storm!

It was such a lovely wedding, very relaxed, and everyone was enjoying themselves. I hope our wedding has the same vibe. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jess brown Dolls

My SIL introduced me to Jess Brown doll's i think theyre the cutest! and I'd even like one for myself. they'd be a lovely keepsafe for a special little lady in your life

check out her blog and shop.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

My friend Kelly blogged about lace a few weeks ago and it was here that I saw some of Anna Campbell's latest dresses. My friend Hannah got married a couple of years ago and wore one of her dresses so I have been familiar with the designer for a little while. 

 Kelly's post prompted me to look at Anna's dresses and oh my I'm inlove. 

They are all so beautiful, a little whimsical and just divine. 

Head to her website and look at her bridal collection 

Here's Hannahs gorgeous gown with her in it!

Happy V Day

Happy Valentines day Blog world

I hope you got to spend some quality time with the people you love. I'm currently watching TV with my fiance' we don't normally tend to celebrate and if we do it's only something little. I baked Toby one of my his favourites, flourless chocolate cake. It was quite sweet today at school seeing girls with single roses and stuffed teddys. 

I did order Toby one of these but it didn't arrive in time (I only ordered it last week it's my fault) I've loved them for ages and thought it would be the perfect valentines gift (with our names of course). You can get one here from miniturerhino

(image from miniature rhino)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wedding Wednesday (oops its thursday)

I have had my days mixed up all week but i'm glad I waited to post this today! I've been a fan of James's Blog Bleubird  for a quite a while and have been waiting patiently for pictures of their wedding which was in November, and trust me its been worth the wait. I love everything about this wedding!!!! If I could replicate it for my own wedding I would!!!! it's truly beautiful!

(photo's from Bleubird blog taken by Brooke Schwab)

They have the most amazing family, The two eldest children are Miss James' from a previous relationship and the little girl Gemma bird is James and Aubrey's. How insanely sweet is little Gemma hugging her brother throughout the ceremony. 

The wedding was held at a friends property. All decorations were thrifted and Miss James' Gorgeous attire was from BHLDN there is also a few of my favourite bow-Ties in there as well.  And they served homemade pizza! love this idea. Go to her blog and look at all the amazing photos, I think I have visited it three times today... sigh....! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this wedding 

Happy Thursday!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Book Review

Over the holidays I tried to get in a couple of book because I knew coming back to school would mean less time reading for pleasure. Bookclub is also at a standstill at the moment so I had free range, I read two great books in particular "The Hunger games" by Suzanne Collins which was recommended to me by some year 7 girls last year. I read it on my ipad2 which was also a bonus as it only cost $5.12. It's set in the future and is about a 16 year old girl that is one of two people from her district that enters the hunger games which are put on by the capitol each year as a reminder to abide by the Capitols laws. Each district (12) have to send a female and male contestant in to duel each other, to kill or be killed. I really enjoyed the book at some points I couldn't put it down to see if Katniss was to be a survivor or not. They have also turned it into a movie which is due out in a few months. 

Have you read it? If so what did you think?
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