Saturday, February 25, 2012

One year Old

I missed the blogs birthday (because I was too busy enjoying my own birthday) I can't believe it's been a year! It has flown. I have been quite slack these last couple of months as i've been busy with work but I have a goal to get on here more regularly. I celebrated my birthday with family after work (on my actual birthday) Toby took me to a lovely restaurant, Muse last night in the hunter valley and today I had lunch with friends at Merewether's surf house which was also nice. I've been spoilt.

On thursday (My birthday) i came home to find a lovely surprise. Toby had baked me a chocolate cheesecake from scratch. I couldn't believe it. He's never baked for me! This is what I found in the fridge.

On my birthday night my nieces got to know each other a little better Millie amd Blair (my sisters girls) were completely smitten with Willow (toby's sister's baby girl) 
Here's Blair and Willow about to smooch.

and here's on of me and Millie! I love how her eyes go when she's really really happy!

Thanks to everyone for making my birthday great! 26 is turning out to be a good year so far

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