Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I Love Monday (this week Tuesday) nights as True blood season 4 can be viewed online. I am slightly addicted (ok completely addicted) I have read all of Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse book's and love the show just as much if not more. If you're a fan of the books and don't want anything to change you mightn't like the TV show as it's not entirely the same but follows a similar storyline.  I think this makes its more appealing as there are more surprises. Below is the mug Toby brought me for my birthday clearly you can see who is my favourite.

So Vampires.... I do love the modern one's like those from True Blood and Twilight (yes I've read them as well and am counting down for Breaking Dawn part 1) However for bookclub at the moment we are reading Salem's Lot by Stephen King, these vampires aren't so lovely, it was written in the 70's and seems much more authentic with crucifixes and utterly scary vamp's, it's making me rethink my fascination with them! After our next meeting I will let you know what the girl's thought of it.... I'll just say it's not something I can read before bed.

P.s You can get a mug to match your vamp love here

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sydney Day Trip

Last Friday I drove to Sydney to catch up with my friend Angela and visit some galleries! I started the day with a coffee to keep me alert for the 2 hour journey ahead of me. I had a pretty smooth run so can't complain. I met Ange at the Art Gallery of New South Wales where we walked around the exhibit's I've seen the work below by Ricky Swallow "Killing time" but it still amazes me so much as to how much time and effort he must have put into this piece, I suppose it is much like the great sculptors in the past, but in this age that much time put into an artwork I think is rare.

We had some lunch then headed to the State Library to see the "World press photo 11" and "Sydney morning herald photos" exhibit which was AMAZING! I didn't even know it was on (or where the state library was for that matter) There was also a small display of Max Dupain photographs. After that we headed to the shops and brought chocolate and cupcakes and even sat down for a cocktail in a secret hidey hole near Ange's work! Only a Sydneysider would know about the place. We then headed to her house and had a squiz at some little galleries around her house which were pretty cool as well. 

After that I went and picked up my BBF from the train station and tok her home with me for the weekend which was even better (i didnt bombard her with a photo after her long trip)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cake Pops

So I have been quite slack on the blogging front over the holidays because my poor old laptop died last Monday! I did mention that I made cake pops for Blair's first birthday and was going to show how last week, but I didn't so I'm sorry! I made them again on Saturday for my friend Casey's 30th 


Step 1 (left to right) I use woolworths mud cakes mainly to save time, but any plain cake would do, any flavour, here I have used caramel, I remove the icing and cut the cake into quarters and rub the cake together so it crumbles, I then add three heaped tablespoons of cream cheese frosting and mix together. To make the frosting I use 1 tub of philadelphia cream cheese, 1/2 cup of butter, 2 cups of sifted icing sugar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. 
Step 2 after combining the cake and the cream cheese frosting (ONLY ADD AROUND 3 TABLESPOONS maybe a little more depending on how moist the cake is) roll the cake mix into small balls, approx the diameter of a 20 cent coin, making around 24 balls. Place the balls into the freezer for 15 minutes. This part of the step isn't on most recipes I have looked at but I find it a lot easier if you melt a small amount of coloured candy and insert the cake pop sticks and then refrigerate for a further hour to fully set.
Step 3 Once set, melt the remaining candy and dip cake pop in to fully cover the cake batter 

Step 4 be careful if they get to heavy they will fall off
Step 5 sprinkle with decorative sprinkles I've used dusting sugar here
Step 6 place in a foam block to dry

Casey's Sweet's table
You can see I made yellow vanilla pop's bottom left, chocolate purple coated pop's in the middle and the orange caramel pop's top right. The sprinkles, pop sticks and coloured candy coating was all purchased online from cakes around town. They were a hit!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Today I made a Terrarium

What is a Terrarium???? A terrarium is a low-maintenance indoor garden that can be made out of any clear glass or plastic container. I fell inlove with them a couple of years ago when I saw these made by wee green spot. I've wanted to make one ever since and eventually found the perfect glass container for the job from Myer I think it was around $20 and is the brand Vue. I did some research as to how to put it together and found Burke's backyard the easiest way. You can look at the link here.
I wen't off to bunnings this afternoon and picked up 3 little succulents for less then $4 each, I chose a sedum little missy, cape blanco and gold mound.

Step 1- image on top left, I first placed small pebbles at the bottom of the container to assist with drainage. 
Step 2- image on bottom left, I then covered this with a thin layer of charcoal
Step 3- image on the right, I then planted the succulents, I also brought some special succulent potting mix but I didn't need as there was enough in the small pot's that the plants came in.

What do you think? I've put it on my dining room table but I may need to move it closer to the window so it get's full sun.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

7 random facts about myself

1. Sometimes I loose my boyfriend, then I find him training to save the world against zombies
2. I love my new OPI nailpolish "mermaids tears"
3. I started going to a new hairdresser salon today (but it's my old hairdresser)
4. Currently listening to Jeremy Larson and loving it
5. suddenly obsessed with velvet cushions just like these
6. having trouble finding a nice fire screen
7. going to see Transformers: Dark of the moon in approximately 20 minutes

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sick days

The last few days Toby and I have been laying low, cooped up with a horrible virus!
I've had lots of cold flushes so it was nice to head out into the backyard today and be pleasantly surprised by how warm the sun is today. Plus I got to spend some time with this pair, here they are munching on pigs ear's not overly fused by my phone in their face


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rice Baby For Blair

 One of the presents I brought Blair for her birthday was a rice baby purchased off etsy. They are made custom so I got to choose the hair and eye colour and her outfit. I chose colours similar to Blair. It turned out perfect and came in a material bag! Very sweet.


And Blair Loves her! she gave he cuddles, patted and stroked her all night
 (well until Millie had a turn!)

Blair's first birthday

Little Blair turned 1 last Thursday, she is such a happy little girl, always smiling and giving lovely cuddles. She had a party on Sunday in a local park and there were plenty of little ones around.

It was a really nice day with perfect weather, lots of nice sweets as well, I'll show the cake pops I made later in the week.

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