Friday, July 22, 2011

Sydney Day Trip

Last Friday I drove to Sydney to catch up with my friend Angela and visit some galleries! I started the day with a coffee to keep me alert for the 2 hour journey ahead of me. I had a pretty smooth run so can't complain. I met Ange at the Art Gallery of New South Wales where we walked around the exhibit's I've seen the work below by Ricky Swallow "Killing time" but it still amazes me so much as to how much time and effort he must have put into this piece, I suppose it is much like the great sculptors in the past, but in this age that much time put into an artwork I think is rare.

We had some lunch then headed to the State Library to see the "World press photo 11" and "Sydney morning herald photos" exhibit which was AMAZING! I didn't even know it was on (or where the state library was for that matter) There was also a small display of Max Dupain photographs. After that we headed to the shops and brought chocolate and cupcakes and even sat down for a cocktail in a secret hidey hole near Ange's work! Only a Sydneysider would know about the place. We then headed to her house and had a squiz at some little galleries around her house which were pretty cool as well. 

After that I went and picked up my BBF from the train station and tok her home with me for the weekend which was even better (i didnt bombard her with a photo after her long trip)

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