Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Fabulous Thankyou

Last year I was introduced to the ceramic artist Samantha Robinson on the decor8 blog and was happy to find out that she was Australian and had a shop in Sydney. On a Christmas shopping trip at Double Bay I was fortunate enough to discover her little shop. I was especially fascinated with her bowls especially the ones that remind me of watermelons. Jessica (Toby's sister) who I was shopping with at the time secretly purchased me this for Christmas.

Isn't it sweet! I love it! Samantha's products are cute and precious with a handmade feel which I think makes them so much more special. She creates all her pieces in her studio in Alexandria.
As a Thankyou for organising Jessica's Baby Shower she went on a special trip to Samantha's store and purchased these for me.

Aren't they simply gorgeous, they are made from porcelain thats so thin it's nearly sheer, stretched out and overlapped like a piece of paper. My favourite store that I visited in America Anthropologie also stocks them I don't think the Australian store will post them but it's definitely worth a visit next time you're in Sydney.

Thankyou for the Awesome Thankyou Jessica I love it!

P.S Toby no Nerf guns arounds the porcelain

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