Monday, April 11, 2011

Jessica's Baby Shower

On Sunday I hosted my lovely 'one day to be' sister in law's baby shower. I found out that I really love planning and hosting parties and what a better party to plan then a baby shower where we get to goo and gaa over beautiful baby things. Jessica is due on the 21st of June & I've wanted to share plans on here but she reads my blog and I didn't want to spoil the surprise for her. I have been inspired by many blogs so I will share links where many ideas have come from.

I was inspired by Taza's from Rockstar diaries invites they were the coolest I'd ever seen
Jessica's were fun to make, I love bunting I used Vintage fabric purchased from thriftypyg and sewed it onto the invitations with my new sewing machine (thanks santa) that I had printed at officeworks, I think they look pretty sweet.

Jessica and Dean are not finding out the sex of the baby so instead of the traditional Blue and Pink's we went with a multicoloured theme for the shower, I made lots of paper pom pom's for decor. The shower was held outside so we set up a shade and hung pom pom's as a centerpiece, and from my pine tree.

I wanted to have some unique games, we started with an ice breaker where if froze plastic babies purchased on ebay in ice, the first person for their water to 'break' wins.

The most beautiful shower game I found on Dandee. I made felt heart pins and placed them in a Jar and directed guests to take out a heart and pin it on there shirt and say there name, how they know Jessica and what they think of motherhood. It was very sweet even a couple of tears.

Another lovely activity I found on Dozi was painting dolls for Baby Campbell, being arty I thought this was the perfect activity, I found the wooden dolls on Etsy from iUsedToBeATree 

I also painted a blackboard where we paid $1 to have a guess on what day Jessica will have the baby and what sex it will be. The winner takes all.

Two hours into the shower the clouds turned grey! it started to Rain

So we headed indoors and Jessica began opening her presents,
and boy was she spoilt. Her friends gave her the lovliest gifts. Below is a blanket my mum made her, i think my mum's pretty clever :)

This is what I got for her a beautiful skunkboy creatures custom doe head, Baby Campbell's nursery is going to be woodland themed so it matches perfectly. Katie from Skunkboy creatures is oh so talented I have a few of her pieces. You can visit her blog here or her etsy store here.

We were pretty cosy indoors and ate some lovely sweets made by Jessica's mum Kay, Casey and myself. This is the cake Kay made, she's also a clever mum.

When the shower wound up the guests left with these gorgeous cookies from hello naomi, I've eaten mine they taste amazing! I placed them in cello bags and made a thankyou swing tag out of cardboard and I used my sewing machine to sew a felt heart onto it.

It was a great day for a gorgeous girl who in two months will have the most wonderful gift of all
"Two Lives, two hearts, joined together in friendship, united forever in love" 

Thanks for letting me plan your shower Jessica I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did


  1. aww you are an awesome friend! You did a fantstic job and I am sure that Jessica LOVED every moment of it. I love planning parties and baby showers too :)
    I'm following your blog now. Hope to read more on your blog soon. Fiona

  2. Is it too childish of me to want a wall mounted skunkboy creature all of my own? I've visited Katie's blog and etsy store and she doesn't appear to have any at the moment. I'm hoping to special order an elephant :)

  3. oh no kelly you're never too old for a skunkboy original. You are speaking to someone that owns 3! hehehe I'm not sure if Katie is selling anything on her etsy store now she had has a big cartel store and it has a lovely mounted elephants head!

  4. Thanks Amy. The mounted elephant is sold out :(


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