Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What's in my Handbag

I was reading Emma's blog a few days ago and she did a "what in my purse" post I thought it was cool, it's always interesting having a look into people's lives through their handbags so here's mine

First off my bag is from Mimco and was a
Christmas gift from Toby's mum, she buys great presents
Inside you would find:

1.the book I'm reading James Patterson's 'First to die',
2. my planner, from Kikki K
3. a cute pen that looks like a pencil, from Borders (Thanks Yvette)
4. My glasses and perscription sunglasses (I can't leave the house with those),
5. my camera, (Canon Ixus80i5)
6. keys, work and personal
7. deoderant, (something I don't usually carry but after playing sport at school last week it will stay in there)
8. eclipse mints, (no more gum as it spread through my entire bag a few weeks ago)
9. a chap stick, a benefit and napoleon lipgloss, I hate dry lips. 
10. My Mimco purse
11. and of course my iPhone which I used to take the picture.

Amy xo

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