Sunday, March 4, 2012

Eating Like a caveman

It's 3 weeks till our engagement party! Although I have found a dress that fits i'm a tad (ok more than a tad) out of shape at the moment. Since christmas i've let's just say let myself go! I've been eating way too much cake (birthday didn't help) and not exercising enough. Over the last few weeks Jessica and I have started going to the gym together which is fantastic as we motivate each other to go and know we'll let each other down if we don't go. So this week Toby and I have decided to get our eating habits in order. We decided to have a cake free march (with the exception of our engagement party) and start a Paleo diet, which basically means eating like cavemen. So its a high protein, minimal carbs diet, eating only foods our hunter and gatherer ancestors did. I did it for a few weeks before Christmas and easily lost 4kg so I want to do it again to loose the extra christmas kilo's I have put on. I just wanted to post it on here so that I feel more committed to do it! So my friends if you see me reaching out for a piece of cake i give you permission to slap my hand and say NO!

so less of this 

and more of this


  1. Go you. I'm eating Cheezels as i read this so maybe i should get on the diet/exercise bandwagon travelling around...

  2. How nice we're those pancakes though!!! 3 weeks til your party?? Eeeeek


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