Monday, January 23, 2012

Matt Blatt

Yesterday my friend Mel and I went to furniture shop heaven, Matt Blatt. Mel had purchased some replica Xavier Pauchard Tolix stools and a chair and had to pic them up and of course I had to tag along as I'm always admiring the Matt Blatt advertisements in Real Living magazine. Here's a picture of when you first walk in the door

The showroom still has a sort of warehouse feel to it, but is set out so you can wander around and take a seat. The furniture is so amazing! Matt Blatt imports the replicas "From the factories directly to you so there are no middle men involved. Hence the low prices and exceptional quality" (straight from there website). Mel likes this couch below, i do to it reminds me of Madmen.

I fell inlove with tis below however Toby thinks it too "70's" 


Here's Mel taking a chair for a spin

How did you spend your Monday?

We also went to the new Ikea at Tempe..... talk about ginormous!!!! 


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the couch! and the side table - the white makes it less 70's i think

  2. Love that couch!! Was it expensive? He is usually pretty reasonable isn't he?


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