Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Art Journaling

Since I finished University I have tried to stay motivated in my art making practice as I'm not always teaching it and surrounding myself in it. I sometimes feel like I'm forgetting important things when I start teaching other subjects, just one joy of casual teaching. As a motivation this time last year I enrolled in an Art Journal class put together by the Red Velvet girls Elsie and Rachel. I really enjoyed it but once it was over I again lost my inspiration. So as a challenge for myself on my 25th birthday along with starting this blog I decided to start an art journal of every day this year, I still had a beautiful leather journal that I purchased 2 years ago in LA so it's a good reason to use it. Today I counted the pages and I'm going to be 100 short so if I miss a day here and there it's not going to really matter. Here's some pages out of my Journal.

I like to think if I do this everyday I am living creatively

What do you do to stay creative?
Amy xo

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