Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Today was pretty special, I took (along with another teacher) 53 great kids to Sydney Biennale. It was the first excursion I've organised, and none of the kids had been to the Biennale before so it was pretty special. We left school at 7am to catch the first ferry at 10am over to Cockatoo Island were we were all blown away by the amazing artworks. some of the highlights just to name a few include...(I apologise for the poor quality of the pics... all taken on my iphone)

Tiffany Singh
Knock On The Sky Listen To The Sound, 2011
bamboo wind chimes and mixed media

These wind chimes were located in an outdoor room with a half size door that you had to duck to get into. We nearly walked straight past but were fascinated by the sound that was coming from inside.

Li Hongbo
Ocean of Flowers, 2012

These paper sculptures were one of my favourites the whole day they were beautiful! so so many in the one room. All the kids commented on these when I asked them what they enjoyed the most. little did we know that when they are folded up, they fold into the shapes of guns and bullets. Here is a closer image

Adam Cvijanovic The River, 2012
Flashe on tyvek, dimensions variable

A very large scale painting on not your typical canvas....

Philip Beesley
Hylozoic Series: Sibyl, 2012
laser-cut acrylic, Mylar, aluminium, copolyester, silicon, glass, shape-memory alloy, custom PCBs, LEDs, thin gauge electrical wire, 2000 x 740 x 400 cm

This artwork was AMAZING!!!! no other word to describe it! to be able to touch and interact with this artwork made the whole day. It felt like we were under the sea playing with jelly fish! I loved it!

We headed to the MCA after that which also had some great artworks as a part of the Biennale. I highly recommend you all to go and see it! We had a great day!

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