Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Yes its Thursday but yesterday (Wednesday) I went out and paid a deposit for our wedding venue! so its all really happening now here's a picture that I took from the car (yes i did pull over)

It's at a hall out in the Vineyards! We've set a date, the 29th June, 2013 so less than a year now! (It feels like its 100 years away though) Now I need to start booking all the other stuff.... photographer, celebrant... and I dunno what ever else you need for a wedding haha! I'm welcome to suggestions please. Dress shopping with all my bridesmaids and mum Saturday too!


  1. Looks like a beautiful setting for a wedding Amy

  2. Hi Amy! I recently started following you on instagram (cha_cha2011) and I discovered your blog last night; I'm enjoying reading through your posts!
    Are you still looking for a wedding photographer?
    Perhaps have a look at It's mine & my husbands business and we love to take natural, candid shots that capture the essence of what is happening. The venue looks beautiful, and paired with your personal touch I think will make it a wedding to remember!
    Feel free to have a look at the page and send a message.
    Rebecca :)

    1. Hi Rebecca, Thankyou for Visiting! you wont believe it... literally 5 minutes before i saw that you had posted this I booked our photographer! how crazy is that! your photos on facebook are amazing!


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