Sunday, May 27, 2012

Over the hedge

At the start of the month Toby and I planted 80 Murraya hedge plants along our front fence line. We've been undecided about what to do with the front fence since we moved in (2 and a half years ago) as its an ugly old metal fence that isn't at all attractive so we had the option of knocking it down and putting up a picket fence or growing a hedge.

For a long time Toby wanted to have both, but I've been leaning towards a hedge. We have also been unsure as to what type of hedge. After visiting our wedding destination who have a Murraya growing around the verandah it won Toby's heart (it's the one I wanted from the start, it's amazing how boys have to see things first before trusting your decision making). So off to the local Markets we went to buy 80 plants. We got a good deal since we were buying so many and because they are only seedlings. Here's a picture Toby posted on instagram.

Murraya's are an evergreen shrub that get a pretty white little flower in spring and late summer that smell just like orange blossom. I can't wait for them to take over the fence and provide the front yard with a little privacy.

Grow babies Grow

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