Sunday, June 10, 2012

A trip to the Zoo

Last Saturday Toby and I went out for the day with our families to the Zoo. We had gifted our older sisters Taronga Zoo tickets for Christmas and as they only have a 6 month expiry last weekend was the last possible weekend we could go. Unfortunately last weekend was wet! Wet, wet, wet. We arrived just after nine to light showers but we knew it was only going to get heavier. Jessica and I were the only two that had umbrellas so alot of Zoo ponchos were purchased. 

Despite the rain we all had a really lovely day! I only wish I took more photos.
Blair like the pussy cats (aka Koalas, everything with fur were pussy cats) 

Millie just loved every aspect of the zoo. She said at lunchtime "this is just the best day" and when we left she asked Kadi if we could come back tomorrow. I think Millie is looking at her favourite here, the Zebra's.

One of my favourite the Giraffes, trying to keep dry.

Two little monkeys, this was taken seconds before a Chimp jumped down to look at them, Blair's face and the way she backed back was priceless. I spoke to her on the phone last night and said who did you see today, she replied "the monkeys" (a week later, she loved them)

and Mum's favourite the gorgeous Giants, the elephants, not bothered by the rain. 

Only regret was that I didn't take more photos, i started taking them on Jessica's camera (since its an amazing camera) I'll have to get copies off her. I think Willows favourite part of the day was playing with Millie and Blair in the cafeteria. 

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