Sunday, June 10, 2012

Vintage Book folding

Are you a fan of the Block? I love it! I've always liked the show but I think this year I've got really into since my head is in renovation mode. In particular I love Sophie and Dale's rooms. Their eclectic style is what I love! On friday night I spent the night in and actually got 2 creative things done. This was the first

Mum collected some vintage books for me (maybe for the wedding) but i thought this would look pretty neat on our fire place. And it was super easy. I followed the instructions of making a bell without ripping the cover off link here 

Basically you just Fold over top right hand corner of first page until upper edge lies against spine edge of book. Then, fold over lower corner until right edge sits along edge of first fold, forming a point. 
Repeat  on every page to create the distinctive bell shape. With the volume of the paper the spine of the book will curve naturally and create a half circle. 

Here's some images from the block of the room that Sophie and Dale had the book in. 

Love the Vintage suitcase Drawers

and I've loved this wallpaper forever. I'll share the other creative thing I made later ;)

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  1. Love this! Sophie's & Dale's rooms are my fav too! (except for their bathroom & dining chairs)


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