Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

A  couple of weeks ago I went to a bridal expo at Wandin Valley Estate at the vineyards to have a look at some different wedding things. I was surprised when i got there to see a Tipi erected out of the side of the venue. This is what it looked like (Little Willow is modelling in front)

I'd LOVE to have a Tipi at our wedding but they do come at an expense of over $3000 for one. They look great grouped together to make a Marquee as well. These Tipi's are the only ones in Australia and are from a company called Tipikata

I came across a gorgeous wedding last year on Conversation pieces blog (i actually thought i had already featured their wedding but I haven't) that had Tipi's I think they look so cool

More images of their amazing wedding can be found on their photographers blog lillyandleonard

How do you feel about Tipi's? I think I'd like one in my backyard

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