Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy 1st of December

Yay! only 24 more sleeps till Christmas! 
We actually put our christmas tree up early (much to Toby's disgust) only by 4 days but I thought I'd wait till today to share a picture. I love our tree! 

Katie.Cupcake put up a great DIY felt polaroid Ornament this morning on Instagram. When I didn't get called in to work today I headed out to print some photos and buy some felt and set to work. I actually didn't follow her tutorial  just winged it but I think it would have been way easier if i read it first). I highly recommend using her tutorial. Thanks for sharing Katie. I am going to use mine as gift tags so the recipient gets an extra little gift to hang on their Christmas tree the following year.

Please share any Christmas DIY's in my comments :)


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