Saturday, June 18, 2011

Artist's of Note

Yesterday my friend Kelly was showing some new pieces of art she had purchased from etsy and I instantly fell inlove with Emma Leonard's art. Emma is a Melbourne based artist that "draws girls and sometimes triangles". Her drawings are so beautiful I think I my need to purchase one of her prints, I particularly love this one called 'A Perfect Mess'. She also has a nice blog bones, braids and a tricycle

Another Melbourne based artist I adore is Catherine Campbell who I found sometime ago, I think in Frankie Magazine during Uni. Her print 'Waiting for the tide' was one of my first Etsy purchases. At the moment I'm inlove with her prints that incorporate geometic colourful shapes in particular 'Owl in the Attic'. Be sure to check out Catherine's blog My folk lover she is always up to date with the Melbourne art scene.

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