Friday, June 24, 2011


This year one of my favourite bloggers, Holly Becker along with Joanna Copestick released a book called Decorate. I have wanted to purchase the book since it's release but it took a while to reach Australia and I kept putting it off having more "important" things to purchase. One of my dear friends (who is also very observant) surprised me with the book last week! I was so surprised and thankful, it was such a beautiful gesture and I love her for it!

So as for the book, I love it! It's everything I expected and more. Holly is a great writer as you can see from her blog so f you enjoy her blog you will, like me, love her book. I haven't finished it yet but the homes she chose to display are so inspirational yet achievable, if that makes sense. That's one thing I don't like about decorating books, they are often unrealistic for most people. This book cater's to many taste's and offers advice in all area's of the home. In the school holidays (this time next week yay) I want to create my own mood board for a room in our house.

I Love this quote she uses from Amy Butler in the book:

"Allow yourself the patience to know it will all come together in time, and enjoy the process! For me home decor is not a goal, but a continually evolving and kinetic art project."

Thanks Mel xoxoxoxox

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