Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mama's Cupcakes!

Toby's Mama used to make the most delicious butterfly cakes for Toby, they were his favourite sweet! Luckily she left us the recipe. I have only made her butterfly cakes once (they weren't quite as nice but still good) but I use the cake mix all the time to make normal cupcakes with butter icing. Yesterday for Dad's birthday I decided to make him Cupcakes in his favourite football team's colours.
So Im going to share the recipe:

1 lb Self Raising Flour
1 Cup of sugar
1/2 lb butter
1 Cup of milk
4 Eggs
     1 tsp of Vanilla

The secret is to cream the butter and sugar before adding the rest of the ingredients.
It will make approx 24 cupcakes, I cook them on 180 degrees celsius for around 25 minutes but my oven is old and not all that great so adjust the time to suit your oven.
To make the icing I just mix a whole lot of butter with icing sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla, oh so unhealthy but oh so fantastic, and dye it to suit your colour theme. The white numbers and stars on dad's cupcakes is "white Icing" Just from the supermarket rolled out and cut out with a cookie cutter, this can also be dyed to suit your theme. I also use lettered stamps to personalise the cakes, and plenty of sprinkles.

Give them a go
I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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