Monday, June 27, 2011

Saturday Night

On Saturday night I got to catch up with most of my favourite girls! It doesn't happen very often, all of us in one room that is, but when it does it's always amazing! One of my friends Katie (on the left below) is moving away for work and Angela (on the right) was celebrating her 26th birthday.

We wen't to a bar that we frequented alot when we first turned 18 so alot of reminiscing was happening! Toby was a good sport and played designated driver for the night! Love him!

We drank champagne and danced up a storm

Jen (second from the left) got engaged last weekend so it was our first time to ohhh and ahhh over her gorgeous engagement ring

I Love these girls and wish they all still lived local so we could meet up every weekend! but I guess living apart makes the times when we do meet up more special.

How did you spend your Saturday night?

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