Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Olive tree Markets

Have you been? I went to the Olive Tree markets on the weekend with Jessica and baby Willow and they were SO good! I hadn't been for around a year and it was their 3rd birthday! Even Willow enjoyed them...

They had lots of new stalls including a lady that sold the most amazing salted caramel macaroons! YUM! I think we will be making it a monthly date just for those macaroons. A girl that I went to school with had a stall selling prints of her artwork which I brought she is very talented and is also studying to be an art teacher like me! I also brought some cushions from now that's gorgeous which I love and have placed on my bed (they have brown velvet backing)

I found it funny that I brought cushions this week as my friend kelly blogged about being a cushionaholic which I think I may be bordering on, really though, I can think of worse things to be addicted to! Also here's looking at me kid talked about her fetish with vintage velvet cushions. What is your home decor addiction?


  1. What a pretty girl with dribble on her chin ;0)

    Do you have any photos of these delicious macaroons?

  2. I have a home addiction to mirrors for some reason lol

  3. No photos of the macaroons! I feel so much like one right now!

    Carrie I love Mirrors as well, I'd like a collection, one in each room


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