Thursday, September 29, 2011

School Holidays

I'm loving my school Holidays! I think I've been enjoying them a little too much 
(hence lack of blogging) 
Not that i have been up to a whole lot! 
Here's my holiday so far
1. Amazing weekend in Sydney 
2. Coffee dates with friends
3. Watched the first season of Friday night lights (I liked it!)
4. cooked every day! (even made toby's work friends my Orange flourless cake)
5. went to an amazing Dani Marti exhibition, where you could touch the artworks!
6. got to sleep in with Toby
7. ate the most amazing toastie from one penny black in Newcastle. Banana, Nutella and slivered almonds Yum! I'm going to make that one at home.
8. cuddles with a special little girl
9. had a big clean up as shown in the picture above. My desk is waiting for me to create something on it but I'm still unsure as to what! suggestions please.
And I still have a whole week off :)

P.s It was my gorgeous friend Bec's bday yesterday so Happy Birthday Bec! Can't wait to come on a adventure to see you and your baby bump soon xoxoxox


  1. Thanks lovely. Looking forward to catching up soon x

  2. What was the banana, nutella, almond toastie like?

  3. delicious! i'm going to make it soon! super easy id imagine it was on sourdough as well.


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