Sunday, November 13, 2011

DIY Christmas wool Wreath

I've been admiring yarn wreath's on Etsy for quite some time and have wanted to have a go at making one myself. As it is the season I headed to spotlight for some supplies and found a perfect styrofoam wreath for $7. 

I chose some red, green and white wool that matches the colours of our Christmas tree decorations. The first loop I tied at the back to stop it form moving around. I marked out where I was to change colours and kept winding, round and round and round.

When changing each colour I just knotted the wool to the last colour it was quite easy. Just took some time. I thought it looked a little bit naked so added some bunting.

You can read how I make bunting here. I also added some olive green leave's brought from Caramelos from etsy. Do you know any great Christmas DIY's? link them in my comments. Now it's time to make one for Mum's house 
(p.s Toby won't let me hang it up till the 1st)

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