Saturday, November 12, 2011


You HAVE to go and see the Outpost Project! It is a must do before December 11 (when it closes) I was absolutely blown away by the amazing works that were on Cockatoo island! 
heres a sneak peek at a few of the works but honestly they do not do it justice.

The size of some of the works blew me away! especially Vexta's (the girl diving/swimming) i walked away feeling so inspired and amazed by the whole thing. The bus was being sprayed while we were there so it started blank and turned out amazing, its very interactive watching works being created. There is an exhibition from a private collection held in the event as well with numerous Banksy works which were great to get up close to! There was also lots of activities for little ones so I think its very kid friendly (minus the swearing above) and the best bit about the day was that I got to spend it with my dear uni friends who are also art teachers and were equally amazed. We headed to the opening of the Picasso exhibition on at the Art gallery of NSW soon after. It was impressive, lots of works through different periods of his life, he was a very versatile artist. Exhausting day but well worth the trip to sydney! DO IT! 

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