Saturday, November 5, 2011


It's Sunday afternoon and I've just woken up from a much needed afternoon nap! This weekend has been go go go! It started with a quick trip to Olive tree markets to buy gifts for the weekends events (and some jam for myself) then I was straight off to a baby shower where I smelled nappies filled with different flavours of chocolate. I then went to a 40th at a Beer festival and it was crazy hot so I didn't last long, then time to get ready for Jen and Mark's engagement, so off to newcastle we went for a sneaky bbq beforehand then the party began.

The very happy couple :)
it was such a wonderful night, catching up with the best of friends and some old friends that we hadn't seen in quite some time

This morning we woke up early with blurry heads and headed home before bookclub and a christening. It was the busiest weekend I can remember, and i'm honestly pooped out! 
Did anyone else have a super busy weekend? we are busy now right up to xmas luckily not this busy though. I think i'll be in bed early tonight.


  1. Gorgeous Ladys! In love with Jens dress!

  2. I NEED (that word would be in bold, underlined and in red font if it was possible)your friend Jen's sequin dress. AMAZING!
    p.s. is it crazy that i like the wallpaper too?

  3. no i thought the wallpaper was cool! ill ask where she got the dress Kelly she just returned from Europe though so im guessing it was from there.


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